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      Thank you for spending some time at my site. I appreciate your support. Over time, as I am able to scavenge some of my personal creations and create new ones, I'd love the opportunity to share them with you....
     Life is a roller coaster. In my ride with life, I have seen some unbelievable ups, and fell to some crashing lows. Being the passionate person that I am, I felt every high and low the deepest way possible. I am finally learning to sit back, and enjoy the ride...................      I give thanks to God for my family; Linda, my beautiful wife, CJ, daddy's little Jewel....Sierra and AJ, my two amazing new children, all of which are the sunshine in my life. This site and all my creations are dedicated to them........

July 25th, 2010 - Check out the following two videos!  Our family just returned
from a very needed relaxing camping trip at Cave Run Lake.  The kids had a blast
and Linda and I got to finally stop and take a breath together.  These little memories
in life are more precious than anything money can buy.

8/28/08.....I Finally Updated my Content!
My New Flash Page Here
     My Flash Site is my current project as I experiment with various dynamic content through flash. My profile, video, and more photos are available here..

Game Exchange USA
This is my latest .Net project. Currently it is a working shopping cart application. Soon, this site will go live as the one stop central source for video game trading. Check it out, you might find the 10,000 video game directory impressive!

Photo Album
The Family Photo Album is another creation of mine. An ASP.Net driven photo and comment sharing site that allows you to create your own profile, and upload photos of your own. All photos are stored securely on my server.